My Quest

Home Owner in Lasater Ranch

What makes an Antares Home Owner tick?  What makes them choose us?  As a company, we spend countless hours trying to figure out how to get better responses on our customer surveys, analyzing data, and attending meetings about this subject.  This is the question that keeps a salesperson up at night.  We ask ourselves, why this person did, or did not buy our home.  In the homebuilding industry the buyer is the celebrity, the hero.  They are the person we most want to know about.  A new home salesperson would jump at a tabloid that featured gossip and interesting info on all of our buyers as well as those that got away!  So, why not create that?  I am starting a quest to find out as much as I can about our buyers.  I am going to visit with them in their native habitat and study them.  I will have them fill out one of those little questionnaires that you see in the celebrity profiles of your favorite magazine and take pictures and dish it up!