Tick Tock

404 Poppy in Garden Heights is Move In Ready!

We have a few Neighborhoods that are in close out this Fall.  In fact we have many!  So, if you have visited Garden Heights in Mansfield or Hidden Creek in Burleson and are thinking of buying in those neighborhoods, it’s time to get off the fence.  We have one home site left in each of those neighborhoods and 3 move in ready homes between the two.

On the North Side of Fort Worth, Parkview Hills has only four home sites remaining and three of those are the coveted Meandering Creek Lane greenbelt sites.

Looking for a value in South Fort Worth?  Matador Ranch has less than ten home sites remaining and those are going fast!

Do you want to move in before the end of the year?  We can help!  We have several homes available now ranging from 1430 to 3098 square feet, three bedrooms to five bedrooms with Media and Game Rooms!

Need a Lease Buyout?  No Problem?  Have a Realtor?  Great!  Credit Issues?  We can help!

Tick, Tock!

New Year, New Home

Open the door to a Brand New Year!

Have you been thinking about a new home for a long time?  Have you watched interest rates and home prices drop?  Have you noticed that home prices are now rising?

We are at the beginning of the upswing in pricing for Real Estate in our area.  Guess what else is happening?  Loan costs are on the rise too.  That means both interest rates and mortgage insurance premiums will be higher on FHA loans.  What does that mean to you?  Move quickly!  Claim your inventory home and lock in your rate and current MIP rates before they skyrocket at the end of this month.  This could save you thousands of dollars over a 30 year loan.

 It’s a New Year.  Don’t you deserve a New Home?

It’s Easy!

Buying a New Home is Easy! We’ll show you how.

Did you know that buying a new home is a very simple process? You have one major choice to make before you begin the process: do you want to build your new home from the ground up or do you want to move into your new home in the next 30 days or less?


If you want to move quickly, let’s say your home has sold or your lease is up, or you have just re-located, an inventory home is the best option for you.    An inventory home is one that the builder chose to build knowing that it is a popular floor plan and anticipating that some people may need to move into their new home in 30 days or less. There are about five steps to buying a completed inventory home:


-Gathering Your Paperwork 

Now this is the first step no matter what type of home you are buying.  You will need to provide your lender with a copy of your last two year’s W2’s, the two most recent paycheck stubs, a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your social security card and your most recent checking and savings account statements.  Getting this paperwork together before you begin looking will streamline the process when you are ready to make your decision.


-Loan Application

Most Home Builders will have their list of preferred or in house lenders.  At Antares we have a list of over six Lenders that we prefer to work with.  These people have earned their place on our list by providing great customer service to our Home Buyers and to our Sales Consultants.  They are Lenders we can depend on to answer our phone calls even on weekends and after hours and they take care of our Buyers.  You can submit a loan application at any of our Model Homes any day of the week.  You are also welcome to use your own Lender that has already pre-approved you.  Getting this part out of the way early on in the process helps you to determine what price range you want to stay in.  It can also help with planning a budget for after you close.  Having a realistic plan for your lifestyle is very important.  For example, if you love to travel, you may want to keep your mortgage payment way below the maximum you can qualify for.


-Choose Your Home

This is the fun part!  Visiting our Model Homes, looking at our completed inventory and imagining where you’ll place your furniture!  Not sure what exactly will be the best style home for you?  No problem.  Our Sales Consultants are very good listeners and they will ask you lots of questions to discover which home will best suit your needs.


-Go to your Home Owner Orientation

Meet with the Construction Manager and find out all about the unique construction of your New Home.  You’ll learn more about Water Heaters, Grout, Foundations and Insulation than you every wanted!


-Go to Closing

Signing on the dotted line and getting the keys to your future!  Congratulations!


Have you decided you would like to pick all of the colors for your new home?  Need a few months to save up your down payment?  Want a floor plan that we don’t have as a completed inventory home?  In love with that over sized Cul-De-Sac Home Site?  Build!  After the first two steps above, the next step is:


-Choose Your Floor Plan and Home Site

It can be overwhelming when we have so many different plans and locations to build.  But don’t worry we are here to help!  With plans ranging from three bedrooms to six bedrooms, we will have the perfect plan for you!


-Visit the Selection Studio

This is my favorite part!  Since we don’t limit our Buyers to pre-selected packages, every home can be customized in many different ways.  We will help you choose options that are beautiful and within any budget!


-Watch Your Home Emerge!

The construction process is very interesting if you ask me!  A lot of our buyers will visit their home weekly to take pictures and observe their dreams taking form.  You will meet with the Construction Manager during this time to get an overview of the construction process.  He will also be able to answer any questions you have about how your home is being built.  All of the Construction Managers at Antares Homes are Graduate Master Builders!  Where else can you find that?


-Save Your Down Payment Money

Most of our buyers are using FHA loans.  These loans require 3.5% of the mortgage value of the home as a down payment.  A lot of people don’t have that amount sitting around and have to budget to save it.  Since it takes us four months to build your new home, most of our buyers are able to save down payment money in that time period.  We also have various Zero Down loans available for qualified buyers.  If you want more information on those programs, please contact one of our Sales Offices.  Our Sales Consultants will be able to tell you very quickly if you qualify for one of those programs.


-Meet with the Construction Manager

You will meet with your Construction Manager at least three times during the building process.  He is a great educational resource for our buyers.  Every wonder why we do what we do?  He’ll be able to tell you!


-Go to closing!

The same last step: Signing on the dotted line and getting the keys to your future!  Congratulations!


Now Wasn’t That Easy?

Neighborhood Food & Donation Drive Benefiting the Harvest House

Antares Homes at Hidden Creek

Throughout the remainder of February, drop off donations with Sharon White at the Hidden Creek Model Home at 923 Hidden Lake Dr.

Each person who donates will be entered into a drawing to win various prizes from local businesses including Hidden Creek Golf Course!

Harvest House Most Wanted Items:

Size 4 & 5 diapers

Personal care items (shampoo, body wash, etc.)

Spaghetti & Sauce

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Mac&Cheese & other Boxed Meals

Canned goods

Harvest House was founded 25 years ago with the mission to assist in the alleviation of poverty, disease, pain and suffering by providing the needy with food, clothing, counseling, shelter, and medication.

Harvest House is operated largely by volunteers from many different faiths, working together. As they rub shoulders, they experience the joy of helping those in need, and develop a unity that leads them to respect the faith of others.

Over the years the BMAA Harvest House has evolved from an organization supported by only members of the BMAA to one supported by an entire community. Over 20 churches, along with individual donations, now help support Harvest House in assisting those in need in our community.

In 2008 Harvest House’s food donations averaged 150 families a month, 2009’s average was 250.  Clients are eligible to receive money on their clothing assistance gift cards every 90 days.  Harvest House provides financial assistance with rent, utilities, antibiotic prescriptions, dental care & gas vouchers.  They make sure to equip children for school with school supplies, hair cuts, and immunizations.

Please join your neighbors in helping our community!

-Thank You-

Sharon White

A Great Team!


Brooks Rowe and Sharon White

According to our research, we have found that most of our buyers purchase our homes because of our Guaranteed Heating and Cooling, our Energy Star Certifications and our fabulous Foundation.  Those are really good reasons, but I have a different opinion.  I think it is because of our Employees.  Antares Homes employs the best folks!  Everyone who works here genuinely cares about the quality of our Homes as well as the quality of the experience of our buyers.  Our builders take pride in the job they do constructing our homes and it shows in the low rate of Warranty Requests that we have.  

One of the best Teams we have is in Hidden Creek.  Hidden Creek is a smaller neighborhood tucked away on a hill in Burleson overlooking the Fort Worth skyline.  If you have ever been there, then you have met Sharon, our Salesperson and maybe you have met Brooks our Construction Manager.  

What makes Sharon great?  Well she has been with Antares Homes for four years and her decision to come to Antares Homes was not made lightly.  When I asked her about why she chose to work at Antares, Sharon told me  

“I shopped many builders but I wanted to join a company that I would be proud to represent.  Once I saw how different the Antares Salespeople were and how great Antares reputation was I knew I’d be proud to work for this builder.  One who not only built a spectacular home but cared about the homeowners even after closing.”   

Sharon always makes time to help out her co-workers and I have seen her in action with her customers!  She can’t be beat!  No one is more compassionate or empathetic.  Sharon has been named Salesperson of the Quarter and has also been labeled as Salesperson of the Month four times!  

Brooks is an avid hunter and fisherman and enjoys those pastimes with his eight-year old daughter!  Brooks is often found speaking with buyers and potential homeowners on the construction sites.  Always helpful and on the scene, he is a big part of our Customer Satisfaction in Hidden Creek.  Brooks is a Certified Graduate Builder and is currently working on his Certified Master Builder designation.  When I asked him what he loves about his job, Brooks said,  

“This job can be demanding and very fast paced and I enjoy that, but nothing makes me happier than when I get to give a buyer their keys to a brand new home.”   

Brooks has also won a lot of awards and most recently was named Construction Manager of the 4th Quarter!  

Visit Hidden Creek today and tell us why you like Sharon and Brooks!

Singing Salespeople!

At our Holiday Party this year we were treated to a wonderful performance of the song “Antares Home” sung to the tune of “Mercedes Benz” by Janis Joplin.  This version was written by Stan Goldstein who is the Salesperson at Garden Heights.  It was too great not to share, so here are pictures and lyrics!

Melissa, Sharon and Stan. Picture by Monique Tinsley.

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me an Antares Home

My friends have ****** and all they do is moan

Worked hard all my lifetime, protected my credit score

So Lord get me an Antares and I’ll feel like I got more

Oh Lord, won’t you give me a home with low bills

Guaranteed heating and cooling gives me the chills

I am cool in summer and toasty in the cold

So Lord give me an Antares if I may be so bold

Oh Lord won’t you give me a real quiet house

My friends all hear boom boxes; I’m quiet as a mouse

No fiberglass for me I want cellulose can’t you see

Oh Lord it’s so nice to be able to hear my TV

Oh Lord give me a home with rebar slab

No post tension for me I think rebar is fab

A Certified Graduate Builder is who I want to see

So Lord give me a foundation engineered just for me


Oh Lord, won’t you buy me an Antares Home

My friends have ****** and all they do is moan

Worked hard all my lifetime, protected my credit score

So Lord get me an Antares and I’ll feel like I got more

Jaimie, Melissa, Sharon and Stan. Photo by Monique Tinsley.