Best Eats!

This week, we’re featuring 1 or 2 great places to eat near each of our awesome communities!

  1. Fannin FarmsIstanbul Grill

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, Istanbul Grill is THE place for Mediterranean Cuisine!  This family-run diamond in the rough offers Mediterranean favorites like kebobs and gyros.  With a BYOB option, this is a great spot to sit and relax with friends when they have the space! Find them here.

  1. Selection StudioSavor Coffee Bar and Eatery

If you are visiting our design studio, there is no better place around to gather your thoughts.  Their specialty drinks and delicious food will replenish your spirit while the beautiful atmosphere inspires your mind.  Find them here.

  1. Meadow Creek EstatesMoni’s Pasta & Pizza

Moni learned his trade working at a restaurant in Italia as a younger man.  He has passed on everything he knows to his son, who has owned and operated this particular location for the last 9 years.  Everything about this BYOB Italian restaurant is authentic from the pasta to the delivery!  Find them here.

  1. Settler’s GlenCatfish Plantation

Don’t let the ghost stories keep you away!  All of the spirits there are friendly, and the delicious catfish is more than worth it!  Located near historic downtown Waxahachie, the Catfish Plantation is the very definition of good food, great service, and a beautiful location.  Find them here.

  1. Settler’s GlenLonestar Burger Bar

Texans love our burgers, and Lonestar Burger Bar is the best place to grab one near Settler’s Glen!  Their Black Angus burgers are dressed up with everything from bacon and BBQ sauce to peanut butter.  If it’s too early for a burger, they have great breakfast options!  Find them here.

  1. The Cove at North GroveThe Dove’s Nest

‘It’s Worth Flying South’ according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and certainly worth the short drive from The Cove at North Grove.  This charming eatery serves New Southern Cuisine and delicious desserts! Nestled in historic downtown Waxahachie, eating at this acclaimed restaurant is both relaxing and invigorating.  Find them here.

  1. Matador RanchAntonio’s Homestyle Cooking

This family-owned Mexican food restaurant works hard to make every customer feel at home.  From made-at-your-table guacamole to fresh flan, it’s hard to find a more authentic Mexican eating experience.   Find them here.

  1. Summer Creek SouthBonnell’s

Dedicated to working with local farmers and right off the Chisholm Trail Toll Road, Bonnell’s is both convenient and delicious.  Opened in 2001 by Chef Bonnell, this restaurant combines Southwestern, Creole and Mexican flavors to create a taste that is authentically Texan.  Find them here.

  1. Summer Creek SouthThe Woodshed

This delicious smoke house is conveniently located just off of the Trinity Trails and the Chisholm Trail Toll Road.  The ever-changing menu is a thing that must be experienced to believe.  Chef Tim Love loves to bring in creative meats that can be enjoyed indoors or on the patio overlooking the river.  Find them here.

  1. Ashford ParkBella Vita II Italian Restaurant

The second location for this family-owned Italian restaurant, this is a great option for dinner in the Burleson area.  The service is excellent, and the fresh food is constantly being updated by their innovative chefs.  When you walk through that door, they’ll make you feel like family.  Find them here.

  1. Chisholm Trail RanchPress Café

Located at the new trail head, Press Café is easily accessed from the Trinity Trails, and from Chisholm Trail Toll Road.  Whether you bike, run or drive to this fantastic location, you will be treated to some of the best healthy food in the area.  Their modern bar serves alcohol and coffee.  You can’t go wrong relaxing and enjoying the view.  Find them here.

  1. Saginaw SpringsBoo-Ray’s

Cajun food is widely loved, and not always done well.  With Boo-Ray’s zesty recipes and daily fresh fish, they do right by the owner’s Cajun heritage.  Along with authentic flavor, Scott Marks brings the New Orleans atmosphere to Eagle Mountain Lake.  Find them here.

  1. Saginaw SpringsGinger Brown’s

If you’re looking for something in Saginaw that’s a bit less spicy, Ginger Brown’s is the place for you.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Ginger brings delicious, home-style cookin’ to your table.  This laid-back bakery and diner keeps its cinnamon rolls and customers at its center.  Find them here.


Until Next Time,


The Cookie Monster Bird and a Color Palette

Last week I was in a meeting in our conference room gazing out the window.  (I was absolutely paying attention to the meeting, sheesh!)   All of a sudden I saw a bird so distinctive that I couldn’t believe it was real.

This bird was blue.  Not just any blue, Cookie Monster Blue.  He had a head that looked like a cardinal.  Cute and pointy.  Like he’d had a really nice haricut to make himself handsome in that sloppy way that guys do which suggests that they just got out of bed looking like that.  But, really, there’s lot’s of styling gel involved.  Then the bird turned my way and I was further surprised to see that it looked like this bird put on fake eyelashes and a load of mascara.  Those eyes popped!  What in the world?  Had I fallen asleep in my meeting?  (still paying attention, I promise)  What kind of bird could this be?    A quick Google search turned up the Blue Grosbeak.

I’d never heard of this bird before, nor had I ever seen one in my life.  I’m not an avid birdwatcher, but I do have a bird feeder in my front yard.  My son and I do spend some time identifying the birds at the feeder whose names I can remember, but that’s not many.  The Blue Grosbeak is migratory and nests in Southern States.  They usually prefer to make their nests in brushy woodland edges, near streams.  This is why I’ve never seen them.  We don’t hang out in the same places.

I have a little bit of a color palette obsession.  I’ve been collecting them on our Pinterest page recently and I can’t seem to stop.  Our community Fannin Farms West has a lot of free roaming peacocks and for a quick minute I pinned all the pretty peacock inspired palettes.  They are gorgeous and so rich.  Well, since I’ve been introduced to the beautiful Blue Grosbeak, I decided I wanted to make a palette from his unique colors.

(Drumroll please)

Photo credit: Gary McAlea
Photo credit: Gary McAlea

By the way, Sherwin Williams has an amazing palette generator.  Upload a photo and BAM!  Paint!


-Carrie Davis