The Cookie Monster Bird and a Color Palette

Last week I was in a meeting in our conference room gazing out the window.  (I was absolutely paying attention to the meeting, sheesh!)   All of a sudden I saw a bird so distinctive that I couldn’t believe it was real.

This bird was blue.  Not just any blue, Cookie Monster Blue.  He had a head that looked like a cardinal.  Cute and pointy.  Like he’d had a really nice haricut to make himself handsome in that sloppy way that guys do which suggests that they just got out of bed looking like that.  But, really, there’s lot’s of styling gel involved.  Then the bird turned my way and I was further surprised to see that it looked like this bird put on fake eyelashes and a load of mascara.  Those eyes popped!  What in the world?  Had I fallen asleep in my meeting?  (still paying attention, I promise)  What kind of bird could this be?    A quick Google search turned up the Blue Grosbeak.

I’d never heard of this bird before, nor had I ever seen one in my life.  I’m not an avid birdwatcher, but I do have a bird feeder in my front yard.  My son and I do spend some time identifying the birds at the feeder whose names I can remember, but that’s not many.  The Blue Grosbeak is migratory and nests in Southern States.  They usually prefer to make their nests in brushy woodland edges, near streams.  This is why I’ve never seen them.  We don’t hang out in the same places.

I have a little bit of a color palette obsession.  I’ve been collecting them on our Pinterest page recently and I can’t seem to stop.  Our community Fannin Farms West has a lot of free roaming peacocks and for a quick minute I pinned all the pretty peacock inspired palettes.  They are gorgeous and so rich.  Well, since I’ve been introduced to the beautiful Blue Grosbeak, I decided I wanted to make a palette from his unique colors.

(Drumroll please)

Photo credit: Gary McAlea
Photo credit: Gary McAlea

By the way, Sherwin Williams has an amazing palette generator.  Upload a photo and BAM!  Paint!


-Carrie Davis