Why Do We Have So Many Inspections?

When someone walks into my sales office, one of the things I am dying to tell people is that we conduct extra inspections on our homes during the construction process.  Most people just look at me blankly when I do my twirl and jazz hands at the end of delivering this precious message. 

Although the meaning of this is pretty insignificant to people who are not self-proclaimed construction nerds, I still feel this message needs a little bedazzling.  So I asked J Mason our COO who also happens to be another Graduate Master Builder (cue the jazz hands and twirling) working at Antares Homes to explain this better than I can.

“Each Antares home undergoes numerous and rigorous inspections conducted by four separate groups. The most familiar of these is of course the municipal building code compliance set of inspections. The International Building Code (together with local modifications) is enforced via multiple inspections at differing construction stages, to assure compliance with the hundreds (if not thousands) of requirements. In addition to these municipal inspections, each home also receives a ‘pre-pour’ foundation inspection, conducted by a Structural Foundation Engineer to insure that the slab is properly prepared prior to the placement of concrete.”

So, in addition to the city-mandated inspections we have a Structural Engineer give us the thumbs up before we pour!  Ta-Daa!

J also said, “Antares has also engaged a third-party firm as part of our Comfort Home program. These folks conduct inspections pre-drywall and prior to closing to verify the thermal integrity of the building envelope, the insulation installation and the performance of the air distribution system. These inspections are among the most exacting in the industry. Most builders would say ‘That’s enough!’ (or ‘That’s TOO much’). Antares, however has a third initiative, which is the driver behind an additional third-party inspection. We are committed to continuous improvement of our business, and of course construction practices are a primary focus. Simply put, we want to get it right the first time. We warrant our homes, and understand the risks associated with that, and know the best solution is correct construction.”

Well that can’t be said any better!  Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of the Antares philosophy. J goes on to say:

“A key requirement of any improvement initiative is an effective measurement system. For the past several years we have engaged Burgess Construction Consultants to conduct a thorough pre-drywall inspection on every home we build.  This inspection covers approximately 175 code and best-practice related items, and is primarily a data-based measurement system for each of our Trade Partners (you know, the guys who pour the slab, swing the hammers, install the mechanical systems, etc.). The results of each inspection are provided to the Construction Manager and the related Trade Partners, and corrective actions are taken as needed. The data is also compiled on a historical basis allowing us to measure performance on a per-Trade Partner basis. This recurring procedure has yielded significant results, with items needing correction declining to a level that outperforms the average of all DFW builders that are in the Burgess database. This additional inspection procedure is part of our ongoing commitment to provide the durable, high quality homes for which Antares is known.

And that my friends is why I get all dance-y when I start talking about EXTRA INSPECTIONS!

Ask the Expert!

As a home building company we have a high volume of experts in our offices.  All of our construction managers are Certified Graduate Builders through the National Association of Builders.  They have taken the courses and passed their exams and are certified experts!  Or maybe just certified 😉  Our Principals are Certified Graduate Builders as well and the icing on the cake is that the owner of our company, Ron Formby is a Certified Master Builder.  He’s had more classes and exams than anyone!  We are going to feature an “Ask the Expert” topic in our Homebuilding 101 section.  Since we have so many experts, we should have lots of good answers to your frequently asked questions!  Send us your questions at [email protected] and maybe yours will be the next featured question.

Ok, so I’m a Nerd.

Can I just say that I love construction?  I mean, I reaaaalllllly love construction.  You may not believe it, but it’s true.  My hubs and I love to walk through homes under construction just to find out what’s on the inside.  Needless to say I always want to know why we do what we do when it comes to construction.  A lot of my buyers consider me to be very well informed because I can answer about 90% of their construction questions and I get super excited when one of my buyers brings a friend or relative who actually builds or remodels homes for a living to check us out.  It’s like getting to be on Construction Jeopardy!  So, that makes me a big nerd.  But, it’s also good for you ‘cause I’m going to explore our construction on this blog.

When I first started thinking about this topic, I thought about my Gramma’s cooking.  She is an excellent cook and any one who’s ever eaten her food will tell you that.  (you know who you are, ahem, Cecil)  The secret to her cooking is that it’s a little different every time.  You can’t ever really re-create any of her dishes because there really isn’t a recipe she follows religiously; it’s just what she does in reaction to how it’s going at the time.  Well, building a home really isn’t like that.  Yes there are ingredients and every buyer has their specific color and carpet choices that are going into the home, but we warranty our structures and guarantee our kilowatt hours on our HVAC and we can’t just wing it every time.  A dash of insulation here or there won’t a guarantee make!  So is there a recipe for building a sound home?  Yes!  What is it?  Well, stick around and find out, ‘cause I’m gonna show you!