Hello Autumn. Goodbye Heat.

Cooler temperatures have finally arrived and we no longer have to brace ourselves for big numbers when opening the electric bill. Wouldn’t it be great to see such low numbers all year? In fact, some homeowners have chosen to make low utility bills a permanent part of their monthly budget. Their secret? A new home built with guaranteed heating and cooling costs. “Buyers are surprised when they hear about our program,” explains Ron Formby, company president at Antares Homes. “We publish the energy usage numbers on our website so you know up front how much electricity it will take to run your heating and AC systems. For example, our 1508 plan is guaranteed to use no more than 7,070 kWh annually for heating and cooling. Assuming you’re paying a competitive energy price of $0.0840 per kWh, your average monthly heating and cooling cost will be $49.49.” When asked how Antares Homes can offer such a guarantee, Formby chuckles. “We don’t spend money on fancy energy logos. We put that money back into the home to make it efficient. Then we hire a company to test every home for energy efficiency. Every home must pass the test. And every home is awarded a special warranty to guarantee your annual heating and cooling costs.” Formby continues, “Smart buyers are taking advantage of historic low interest rates to lock their monthly mortgage payment. When they buy a home from Antares, they can lock their monthly heating and cooling costs as well.” To see the energy usage numbers and locate an Antares neighborhood, visit their website at www.antareshomes.com.